Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast Inns

Savvy travelers on the go know that when it comes to receiving that personal touch, no other kind of lodging provider surpasses the hands-on care and attention offered by a bed and breakfast inn. And you'll find that bed and breakfasts in Tennessee are in a class all by themselves when it comes to spoiling their guests and lavishing them with all the touches of home that make a B&B stay a special vacation experience.

Wake up in a bed and breakfast

At a Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast, you're not just staying in a facility built for the masses; you're often staying in someone's personal home, and as such, you are afforded all the comforts of home, including accommodating amenities like fireplaces and whirlpool tubs as well as private bedrooms and bathrooms decorated in the owner's personal style and sense of theme. Many B&Bs can help you plan the rest of your vacation as well, whether it's recommending a good restaurant, providing insiders' traveler tips or helping you find tickets for your favorite music theater show.

However, what truly sets Tennessee bed and breakfast inns apart from other types of overnight lodgings is a one-on-one attention to detail. Bed and breakfast hosts traditionally pay attention to the small things, those little touches that go the extra mile to make guests feel welcome, whether it's fresh flowers in the dining room, a library full of reading material or perhaps just a private porch where a guest can curl up with a good book and lose herself in an afternoon of reading and relaxation. And since bed and breakfasts usually book only a few guests at any given time, each patron doesn't feel like he's sharing the premises with the rest of the world, a perk that only enhances the laid-back atmosphere.

Of course, no B&B experience would be complete without the breakfast part of the equation. It's not uncommon for one of the owners to be particularly skilled as a cook or, in some cases, even have professional experience as a chef. You'll typically find that the meals are fresh, uniquely designed and presented and afford the palate a wide range of tastes and textures. And meal service isn't restricted to breakfast. Depending on the venue, you might find an inn that serves dinner or perhaps offers a special dessert or coffee service.

Whichever setting you choose, whether it's nestled in the mountains or hugging a scenic pastoral valley, you can be assured that the bed and breakfast inns of the Smokies are designed to help vacationers get the most out of their mountain adventure. Click on a Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast below to start your adventure.