Look For Choices When Selecting Accommodations

Posted by Darryl Payne

We’re creatures of habit. Which means that we often wind up staying in the same lodging venues whenever we visit a particular destination. “We’ve always stayed in that hotel. It’s a tradition,” might be your rationale. We also have a tendency to it in the same types of accommodations. Those who stay in cabins in one vacation spot often seek out similar lodgings in other markets, and those who prefer condos tend to stick with condos wherever they go.

Next time you’re headed to the Smokies, however, remember that we offer accommodations for all preferences and all tastes, so just for fun, consider breaking up the routine and trying something different! If you stayed in a condo on that last beach trip, try a cabin or chalet up in the mountains when you’re here. Or if you’re used to cabins, check out a hotel or motel next time around.

While you’re on this site, be sure to take the time to fully peruse all our offerings, whether it’s the best Gatlinburg rental cabins, the nicest hotels in Pigeon Forge or the most amenity-filled condominiums in Sevierville. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and in the Smokies, we know how to spice up any vacation!



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