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Posted by Darryl Payne in Smoky Mountains

When you’re planning any vacation, it sometimes seems like a daunting task because there are so many unanswered questions. Where will we stay? What will we do? How do we get there? How much will things cost? And that’s just scratching the surface. Wouldn’t it be simple if you could get all the information you need about traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains in one handy resource?

That’s what this website is all about. Consider it your Smokies travel guide, with lots of useful information that will help you make decisions about which town to stay in; whether a hotel, condo, cabin or chalet is your best lodging option; and which attractions and shows are best suited for your family’s interests and budgets, just to name a few of the ways that the Smoky Mountain Vacation Guide can help you wade through the mountain of decisions standing between you and a great family trip.

And if you’ll check back to this blog on a weekly basis, we’ll also help fill in the gaps with other tips and information regarding special events and festivals in the area, travel tips, recreational activities and important sites of interest in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.



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