Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre

461 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Latitude: 35.714876 Longitude: -83.510845

This show closed in 2020.


Located in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg since 1977, Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre has the honor of being the longest running live show in the Smokies. And interestingly, it's about as far from a country music show as you can get, featuring two original musical comedies each season. Performed on alternating nights by the area's only professional theatrical company, the shows are broad, full of slapstick comedy and downright silly, but they're also undeniably hilarious.

The format of the show is reminiscent of the old vaudeville and music halls of the late 1800s and early 1900s, and one of the great things about the shows at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is that they're enjoyable for all ages. The auditorium seats fewer than 200 and the stage is small, but that sense of intimacy helps create a unique entertainment experience that keeps loyal fans coming back to see new shows year after year.

The first half of each evening consists of a short musical comedy courtesy of the Great Victorian Amusement Company, the theater's troupe of performers. After the intermission, the show forges ahead with a vaudeville-style revue of music and comedy sketches. There's also an audience sing along in which one "lucky" audience member always gets singled out for special attention. The season runs mid-April through December, with shows at 8 p.m.