100 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Latitude: 35.823257 Longitude: -83.578750

Wonderworks Museum

Usually, seeing is believing, but at this unique Pigeon Forge attraction, seeing is often DIS-believing. WonderWorks is an interactive science museum where the real-life wonders of the natural world unfold in a unique hands-on experience that begins even before you walk through the doors. The building's 82-foot-tall facade is a marvel in itself, creating the illusion that the stately WonderWorks Institute has crash-landed upside down on top of the former Music Mansion Theater. Hissing steam emanating from a crack at the museum's entrance enhances the illusion that a disaster of staggering proportions has just taken place.

Inside the main lobby, the topsy-turvy illusion continues, and beyond that, more than 100 exhibits await exploration as you move from room to room, each of which has a different theme. In the Disaster Zone, for example, simulators help you experience a 5.3-magnitude earthquake, or you can go head to head with hurricane-force winds. In the Space Zone, you can try your hand at landing a space shuttle orbiter or flying a fighter jet. In the Lights and Sound room, you'll learn the science behind a variety of visual effects, or you can play a giant keyboard with your feet.

One of the most popular exhibits lets guests design their own roller coaster and then get inside a simulator that takes them on a ride, based on what they created. Other highlights include the Illusion Gallery-where some of the world's most unique art pieces are more than meets the eye-as well as a laser tag area and a large video arcade.