Tips For Renting A Cabin In The Smokies - Part I

Posted by Darryl Payne in Smoky Mountains

If you’re heading to the mountains on vacation this spring or summer, remember that there are a lot of cabins in Tennessee from which to choose. Price and location should always be factors, of course, but there are also several questions that you might want to ask the property management company or owner before signing on the dotted line. This week, we’ll look at issues pertaining to the immediate environment surrounding your cabin.

What types of roads lead to the cabin? Are they steep? One lane or two? Are the roads paved or gravel or some combination of the two? Will I need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get to my cabin?

How steep is the driveway? Again, is a four-wheel-drive vehicle necessary, and what happens if it snows in Tennessee during our cabin stay? Who is responsible for clearing the driveway?

How close are our neighbors? Is the cabin secluded, or are there several other cabins located close by? And if the neighbors are nearby, what are the privacy barriers? Can our neighbor see onto our back porch or hot tub area? Likewise, does the view from the cabin overlook a neighbor’s deck or hot tub area?

Does the cabin have east-facing or west-facing views?

Is there construction of other cabins going on nearby? Will we wake up to hammering and sawing every morning?



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